Stand out with your story

In today's job market, it is harder than ever before to differentiate yourself. Nearly full employment nation-wide, thousands of applicants per job posting, same ol' bland resumé. The good news?

Your story sets you apart.

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Discover your strengths

Quickly uncover your strongest qualities and how they influence your work.


Own your unique story

Easily build a narrative of your life experiences and expand your resume.


Get hired for being you

Seamlessly share your profile and be confident in your interviews.

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What Research Shows

  • bluu

    Story is universal.

    Seeing your life as an unfolding narrative says a lot about your depth of character.

  • yella

    Strength from struggle.

    Growth through challenges makes you a better employee and leader.

  • purp

    Authenticity propels change.

    Sharing your story in an interview can lead to better outcomes for you, your prospective employer, and the world.

to receive an early invite
to our closed beta,

early 2018

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