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Help your candidates stand out

The interview is the place in the hiring process where you have the least amount of control yet it matters the most. Help your candidates be confident and sell themselves effectively in their interviews.

Tell me about yourself...

A resume for people skills

When your candidates have a WholeStory profile, they're better equipped to clearly and confidently communicate to hiring managers who they are as people and how they might contribute and collaborate at work.

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Life experience that matters

WholeStory is a research-backed product where candidates can easily build short, professionally-relevant stories around key life experiences that highlight the soft skills businesses struggle to find.

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A new conversation for the interview

Soft skills are the most predictive metric for job success. WholeStory uses life experience to validate soft skills.

My candidate was so excited to find a way to share her personal experiences that conveyed how well suited she was for the position.

Recruiter Josh

Meet Josh, a recruiter.

Candidate Coleen
Candidate Story Example

Meet Coleen, a candidate.

I was better able to communicate my strengths in an authentic way and I felt so much more confident in my interview with the hiring manager.

For the agency recruiter:

  • bluu

    Gain unique insights.

    Discover information about your candidates that is rarely—if ever—shared in the interview.

  • yella

    Leverage the power of story.

    Position your candidates to sell themselves in a compelling way during the interview.

  • purp

    Add lasting value.

    Enhance your rapport and brand image with candidates beyond a single engagement.

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What our users think

Recruiter Ryan

“As a recruiting firm, WholeStory has made a huge difference for us. We’ve successfully hired several people using it both for our clients and for ourselves. It’s remarkable how powerful it is to simply change what’s shared in the interview.

— Ryan M., Recruiting Specialist

Candidate Shanica

"As a candidate, WholeStory helped me to put my strengths into perspective. By having to write about things I’ve overcome, it also helped me to better articulate those strengths in the interview."

— Shanica R., Pasco, WA