Stand out with your story

The trickiest point in every job interview is when the interviewer asks you, “so... tell me about yourself.” Where do you even start?

What they're looking for is a story, but not just any story. They want you to tell the story of who you are as a person—focused, insightful, and professionally relevant.

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Build compelling stories

Stand out from the crowd with memorable and relatable stories.


Reveal your character

Reframe your key life experiences to highlight your greatest strengths.


Interview with confidence

Be prepared for the hardest questions around overcoming challenges.

A story-driven professional profile

Connect your key life experiences to the critical, in-demand soft skills that businesses struggle to find.

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What Research Shows

  • bluu

    Story is universal.

    Our brains are wired for it—it is the most effective form of communication, especially in an interview.

  • yella

    Life experience matters.

    We build our character and soft skills through challenges in and beyond the workplace.

  • purp

    Authenticity propels change.

    Sharing your story in an interview can lead to better outcomes for you, your prospective employer, and the world.

follow along with
our journey and
reserve an invite to
the app

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