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Get the right info in less time

Even as an interviewing expert, it’s tricky getting the right information from your candidates with so little time.

With WholeStory, you’ll quickly learn the most critical details about your candidates without having to lift a finger.

Picture of an interview
Picture of an interview

Gain unique insights

Discover information about your candidates that is rarely—if ever—shared in the interview.

power of story

Harness the power of story

Help your candidates prepare for the interview and sell themselves effectively.

add value

Add lasting value

Share meaningful data up front with your clients so they can make a more informed decision.

A story-driven hiring platform

Our research-backed product helps your candidates clearly communicate about their soft skills and saves you time.

A person with their WholeStory profiles pitcutred on a desktop computer and mobile phone

A new conversation for the interview

Soft skills are the most predictive metric for job success.

Life experience is the proof. Story is the package.

I was able to quickly and easily get to know my candidate before the interview, saving me time.

Recruiter Josh

Meet Josh, a recruiter.

Candidate Coleen
Candidate Story Example

Meet Coleen, a candidate.

I was able to share my unique value in an authentic way and land the job I wanted.

Avoid losing time in the interview—get the whole story up front.

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What our users think

Recruiter Ryan

“As a recruiting firm, WholeStory has made a huge difference for us. We’ve successfully hired several people using it both for our clients and for ourselves. It’s remarkable how powerful it is to simply change what’s shared in the interview.

— Ryan M., Recruiting Specialist

Candidate Shanica

"As a candidate, WholeStory helped me to put my strengths into perspective. By having to write about things I’ve overcome, it also helped me to better articulate those strengths in the interview."

— Shanica R., Pasco, WA

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