Trust your [life] experience

It’s what makes you unique, memorable, and most importantly, qualified for the job.

We’re drawing on 30+ years of scientific research (and age-old wisdom) that confirms life experience gives us powerful skills applicable in the workplace. Our stories provide the evidence of these skills and shed light on the trickiest part of hiring: predicting behavior, performance, and success.

The person...

Candidate Coleen

and the professional...

...are one and the same.

You are more than your resume. That’s why the interview exists—to get to know you, your capacity, and how you might contribute to a team.

Did you know that 50% of new employees fail within the first 12 months due to a lack of soft skills? These are the qualities that make up your character strengths, leadership traits, and people skills.

Given this high failure rate of employees in the first 12 months, businesses are desperate for the proof that you’re capable of working collaboratively in a changing and diverse workforce. Knowing, not just that you are a team player, but how you came to be that way provides the evidence that you are, in fact, a team player.

That’s what WholeStory is all about. Our stories are the origins of our superpowers.

Life can teach us...

AND it can land us the job